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Coast2Coast offers a wide range of career and training opportunities. For more information please visit the About Us page.


Service Areas

Coast2Coast is based in Whitianga and services the greater peninsula. Exceptions are often made for jobs outside of the prescribed area.




Our scaffolding system is based on the Layher ‘Ring-Lock’ type system and we provide installations for residential and commercial applications. Read more


Our Shrinkwrap films are of the highest quality, all of which contain the maximum UV inhibitors and consist of very constant densities. Read more


Insulation products offered are Bradford Gold, the Autex range of polyester products including “Greenstuff Underfloor” and ” Greenstuff masonry blanket” used for the insulation of concrete and block walls. Read more


Products sourced by Metrotile (tile roofs). Metrotile is manufactured by the Ross Roof Group who has been involved in the roofing industry since 1942. Read more

Safety Nets

Our team of safety net installers are fully qualified through FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) and provide a fast and efficient service. Read more

Crane Hire

We live in an idyllic spot of NZ, but our roads and environment is pretty tough. That’s why we’ve got a very mobile 10T Capcrane – which can squeeze into some tight spaces.  Read more


Coast2Coast has a great deal of experience in major events around the Coromandel. Coast2Coast offers a range of services. Read more

Other Services

We have a range of other services such as Hiab Transport, Temporary Fencing and Man Cages. Read more

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